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Effective as of: 10-31-2017
ATM/Debit Cards*
1st time$20.00
2nd time$20.00
3 or more times$30.00
* Replace Lost ATM/Debit Card in a 12 month period
Checking Accounts
Check PrintingVaries by style ordered
Photocopy of Check$10.00 each
Reconcilement Assistance$30.00/hour, 1 hour minimum
General Services
Account Research$30.00/hour, 1 hour minimum
Check by Phone$20.00 each
Cash Advance by VISA other than CFCU$20.00 each
Coin Counting Fee5% of Total (min$3)
Copy of Statement$10.00 each
Dormant Account Fee$10.00 per Month-18 and older, balance under $99, and inactive for 1 year or more
Duplicate Document Fee$30.00 each
Duplicate Lien Release$20.00 each
Duplicate Mortgage Satisfaction$20.00 each
Foreign Item Deposit(no deposits under $200)$100.00 each
History Copy Fee$5.00
Late Loan Fee$30 after 10 days late
Late Credit Card Fee$30 after 5 days late
Levy/Garnishment$50.00 each
Loan Coupon Fee$5.00
Mailed Recpt. Fee$1.00
Manual Transfer to Avoid Overdraft$5.00 each
Non-Sufficient Funds Items$30.00 each (includes check, ACH, ATM withdrawals and debit purchases)
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee - Foreign Items$50.00
Non-Member Check Cashing On Us Fee$20 each
Pin Replacement Fee$3.00
Returned Deposit/Loan Payment$30.00 each
Re-open fee 1st time *$25.00
Re-open fee 2nd time *$50.00
Re-open fee 3 or more times *$75.00
* Re-open share account) 1st time 2nd time 3 or more times
Stop Payment Fee$30.00 each
Unclaimed Property$75.00
Uncollected Funds$30.00
Wire Transfer (domestic)$30.00 each
Withdrawal by Official Check Payable to Others$5.00 each
Other Miscellaneous Fees
Account Closure Fee $25 if closed within 90 days of opening
Bad Address – No Forwarding$10.00
Items Presented For Collection$30 each
Mail Statement Fee$3.00
Returned Statement/Mail$10.00 per item
VISA Gift Cards$2.50 each
Incomplete Membership Application$15 per month
Prepaid Debit Card Fees
Purchase Price$4.00
Monthly Fee$1.75
Reload FeeTeller Services/load Fee $5.00
Withdrawal Fee @ ATM$1.50
Balance Inquiry @ ATMOnline -FREE
Balance Inquiry @ ATMATM $0.50
Over-the-counter Cash Advance$0.00
Customer Service Live Call4 FREE VRU then $0.50
Customer Service Live Call2 FREE live calls then $5
Lost Stolen Replacement$10.00
Signature and P.I.N fee's$0.00
Foreign Transaction Fee1%
Loan Modification Fee$300.00
Voided Check Fee$30.00
Your Credit Union charges fees to fairly distribute the costs of providing a service, not to create profits. We urge you to compare our fees and charges with those of any other financial institution.

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